Ok so I was able to get away from my wife some how,lol,and sleep in the basement. (I just moved into a house and got away from 3 years of apartment living) I was stoked about it but it really didnt turn out the way I liked. I spend plenty of time in the darn thing and you who of thought right? Well the problem was I just could find my sweet spot. I just keep moving around. I spent the first hour adjusting my straps then the next hour wiggling. At first my neck was craped then my knees feel tight then I just felt all sucked in. So heres what I learned... I need to find my sweet spot. I have yet to find my perfect amount of sag. I totally understand the need for a ridgeline! So hopefully here in the near furture I will be able to figure it all out. Guess this is just all part of the process.