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    UQ shell and liner materials ?

    HI all,
    New to the forum. Found the site while trying to devise ways to stay warm this winter while trying hammock camping for the first time during the winter months. Not new to hammocking, just haven't tried it during cold weather. It is nice to see that there are a bunch of us crazies out in the world. I tell folks that I like to camp when temps usually hit sub freezing in Dec. and Jan. and they give a look like.....

    I digress. Now to my questions. Like I said before, I would like to use my ENO Double nest this season and want to make a Down UQ. I use Woodland camo for most of my gear i.e.Bugnet, Tarp, Paracord, blah blah blah! My questions are, I found this camo, untreated ripstop fabric which states that it is 1.3oz per square yard. Does this mean that it is 1.3 ripstop? I assume this is where they get the # from, but as they say about assuming. And, is this the correct type of material?

    Since it is untreated, this would go against the hammock as the liner?

    Next question. Weight not being an issue since I don't really do any hiking in to where I camp. Is it a good idea to use a heavier fabric for the shell? I want to use a 50/50 Nylon/Cotton 7.0oz per sq.yd. material for added wind/elements resistance. Not having done this before, do you see any reasons not to use the heavier fabric?(Besides weight which I am not concerned with) It's not waterproof and is breathable. Basically the material used for BDUs.

    Thank you in advance for your opinions and info.
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