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    FS: ENO Fastfly and..

    Getting rid of a couple pieces of gear I seldom use or is being replaced.

    First is the Eno Fastfly. It's a diamond fly, used on 1 trip, saw no inclement weather. Tarp is green, ridgeline is 11'9". Has all tie-outs and line tensioners. Tarp weighs 22oz. Price is $65 shipped CONUS

    Second is my Aerobed Pakmat. This thing has been a great bailout for people I've been car camping with and is remarkably comfortable. About 5" thick when inflated. Mat stores inside of the pump, take about 1min to pump and it's all with it's case, no blowing. Also has a connector so it's a breeze to connect and inflate, has deflation block to prevent deflation if you disconnect in the middle of pumping. KISS piece of gear, great for car camping or as an extra airmatress in the house. Also has abrasion resistant bottom and nylon feeling top. $55 shipped CONUS

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    Price drop to $60 for the Fast Fly, shipping is going to be at least 10.00 for the pakmat so it's really selling for 45 and it cost me 100 so I can't really afford to go any lower.

    Fastfly retails for $70-80, 60 is a good price for a quality lightweight tarp, just in time for christmas :wink:

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    the travle hammock/eno dn
    hennesey asym
    ring buckle/woopie
    is there a chance i could get a picture of it ?

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