I've found that the way I hang my tarp is dependant on what kind of weather I'm expecting that night. The other thing I've found that makes a difference is what the terrain looks like. Like if I'm on the side of a hill or if the ground is noticebly much higher with one tree than the other tree. I'm short so I have to pay attention to stuff like that or I'll wind up with my head end of hammock to high and the tarp then follows to not be right either. I use a BlackBird and with those side tie outs on it, I don't like my tarp near my staked out shelf. So I'll pay attention to have enough room inside the tarp. One other thing I like to do is to hang the tarp ridgeline at an angle when I'm expecting rain. Again because of my hammock, I like to enter my camp from the foot end. So if it's gonna rain, I have the foot end of the tarp higher than the head end so rain runs off in a direction away from me entering. My tarp is 11'x10' and used year round. There's not one angle that I consistantly hang my tarp at because it depends on so many other factors.