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ridgelines for the HAMMOCK - the CJH does not need a structural ridgeline to help set it's proper sag angle. But many of us owners have installed NON-STRUCTURAL hammock ridgelines between the loops located at the head and foot ends. Hang lights, organizers from them or use the line to keep the net/weathershield off your face if you partially un-zip it.

As for continuous ridgelines for your CJH tarp, they will work very well. As IDCakes has pointed out, the Dutch system works very well. It allows you to string the ridgeline and adjust the tarp fore and aft to best cover your hammock. And it does offer another dry lication to hang clothing.

thanks Jim, i was wondering what that was, so when we refer to a 'structural' ridgeline, it is refering to one that is connected to and helps set the hammock sag? and when we refer to a 'non-structural' ridgeline we are speaking about one that is independant of the hammock? i hope ive got that right?

Ive put a 2mm piece of cord on the two loops inside the bug net, on the nx-250 though i dont need it to keep the bug net off me as the hoops keep it taught enough. I use this for hanging a light atm.

Im also interested in the 'dutch clips' and some straps for ease of use with both the fly and the hammock, i probably should look into the 'dutch system', thanks again, keep the advice coming as im still learning and covet it greatly.