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    SOLD: HH Explorer Ultralite Zip w/ whoopies

    I've decided to part ways with my Explorer Ultralite. It is the zipper model, in like new condition, will ship with the stock tarp, stock tree huggers and original stuff sack.

    Only modification is stock suspension has been replaced with ~ 8 ft Amsteel Blue 7/64 whoopies using these instructions: I know 8 ft is probably longer than most people want, but now you can easily cut off any excess and customize to the length you want.

    Also selling a HH Polyester Hex Tarp and a HH #2 Overcover--both also in like new condition aside from the overcover mod that follows... The overcover has had 1.9oz DWR silnyl sewn over the vent hole (pic below). I think it works even better this way, but if you decide it's not for you, a seam ripper would easily remove it without damaging the overcover.

    Hammock w/ stock tarp - $155 - Price Drop
    Polyester Hex Tarp - $50
    Overcover - $30 sold pending funds
    Hammock w/ stock tarp and hex tarp - $195 all prices TYD in the US.
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