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Thread: Baffle Question

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    Quote Originally Posted by G.L.P. View Post
    it would work... but why
    I always like to discuss new ideas. Even the ones that don't pan out help me avoid Edison's 10,000 ways that don't work.

    Quote Originally Posted by G.L.P. View Post
    it's a lot of extra work to get the same affect you will get from traditional Baffles
    Not having to cut the baffling material and working with all the individual pieces seems like it would be easier to manage. Having the seams offset and farther apart may make sewing to the inner and outer shell easier. Not sure.

    I would think the overlapped baffles create a sort of redundant system. You would have to have a gap in 1, 2, or maybe 3 baffles in the same spot before there is a true gap in coverage to the user.

    Quote Originally Posted by G.L.P. View Post
    and dealing with more chambers means more of a mess playing around with down ....
    More baffles would be a major hassle fill.

    Quote Originally Posted by HappyHiker View Post
    I chose to sew the baffles top and bottom and up the ends to stop any shifting. (Of course the real order was outer shell, outer shell ends and then attach to the inner shell)

    See pic#3

    Really easy to do as well.
    Somehow I missed this one. Great walk-through HH. Thanks.
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    i think sewing it would be the biggest pain to be honest cause you would be dealing with the top and bottom shell at the same time ....
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