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    Baffle Question

    So I was looking at the methods I have seen for putting baffles into quilts and knowing my abilities want very much to apply the KISS method (Keep It Simple Sewing). Had some thoughts and wanted to throw them out here for discussion.

    The most common approach seems to be to sew in a piece of no-see-um or whatever for the baffle between the to layers. The baffle is rolled over at both edges to be sewn through. Something like:

    When considering the different layers and the adjustments for differential both across and along baffles, etc., this is a complicated bit of sewing (at least for me).

    How would it work to simply use the top shell fabric for the baffling. Do a simple sew through at each baffle point leaving the appropriate additional fabric to account for the baffle, differential cut, etc. At any point you would only be sewing two flat pieces together down relatively straight lines. Something like:

    A few stitches here and there to tack the tops of the baffles together should keep everything in place and with the expansion of the down it should keep the baffles snugged together. Gravity should also help keeping the upper baffles resting on the lower ones.

    It seems like it would be far easier to make. Less cutting, less aligning, less sewing, less seams to fail.

    The only real disadvantage I can see is that it would double the fabric on the baffle. However, the rolled seams in the traditional baffle probably adds an extra inch or so to each side of the baffle to begin with. Then there are two seams, with twice the thread.

    So on thin quilts (less than 2 inch baffles) it would probably be less material. On quilts with larger baffles, the difference would probably be insignificant.


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