wasn't sure exactly where this would fit or if it was within the forum topic, but i figured people here could offer up advice..

what does everyone like to use for personal rain and wind protection? 3 or 4 season? breathable? membrane (2.5 or 3 layer?)? plastic bags? silnylon or cuben fiber or other fancy space age materials?

I've got a marmot oracle for more durable usage and i'm less than impressed by it, although i don't think its marmots doing...I think its just wp/br membranes in general. It seems like i go on one outing with the thing and wet it out and the next time i go to use it, its lost all waterproofing. They're telling me I need to wash it after an excursion like this to revive the waterproofing, and i'm left thinking why did i spend all this money for extra work when i could just use a plastic bag or poncho in a pinch? or a waterproof/not breathable layer like silnylon? Or a light dwr/wind layer? I'm sort of the mentality that if its raining, your getting wet. It seems to be true even with my fancy rain jacket, once its pretty wet it just holds my sweat in anyway. So why not just accept it and shoot for wet and warm? Has anyone else had this experience?

or maybe i just need to suck it up and do my laundry