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    Pants or chaps would be good. When wearing shorts I've had rain blow sideways where it runs down my legs between my leg & my gaiters to wick through my socks & soak my feet & boots.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ldcakes View Post
    I use The Packa
    The Packa did not work for me (fit issues). I rely on eVent based items from Rab, a Super Dru top (no longer made, replaced by the Mountain Dru) and Bergen pants. The eVent membrane is (in my experience) far more breathable than normal Gore-Tex.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Chrisman2013 View Post
    During the summer I use a simple DIY 1.1 sil poncho. It vents great, is easy to pop on and off, and is very versatile. However, i find it is not the best in heavy windstorms and rainstorms (probably due to DIY mistakes) and is not very good for things where full range of motion is key (like climbing or bouldering) so during the winter or when above treeline I use a Mountain Hardware rain jacket made of Dry.Q Laminate. It does not vent quite as well as the poncho but I have had no problems with the weatherproofing and the fabric's stretch is amazing for bouldering.
    Quote Originally Posted by SteelerNation View Post
    I carry an umbrella and use it whenever possible. Up to now, I have used some non-breathable rain gear for times when the weather is cooler or the umbrella won't work, but have just gotten a set of event pants and a jacket to try them out. We'll see how they do.

    For the warmer weather, the umbrella has been great, but I'm also thinking of augmenting with some type of rain kilt to keep my shorts dry as well. That seems to breathe well, but I haven't really decided on a particular model as I want to make sure that it doesn't hamper my movement. . .

    I think I'm shying away from umbrellas and ponchos mainly because of the lack of windproofness, which is important to me in the whites...I'm thinking what i need is mainly a wind layer and a get through a sprinkle/tough out a rainstorm kind of layer. For 3 seasonness I'm not really concerned with staying that dry, as long as i can manage to sleep dry.

    Umbrellas have always intrigued me though, seem like such a novel solution and allow a lot of movement and breathability. Again though, I'm worried about ducking around trees and such on narrow paths up north here.

    Quote Originally Posted by lvnv1212 View Post
    I just ordered one of these from zpacks, along with the chaps
    I would be interested in how breathable these garments actually are and compare to goretex/event. The price tags a little scary to me though!

    Tomorrow I should have an EPIC hooded windshirt arriving from Wild Things, a small gear manufacturer nearby in North Conway, NH (they make pants as well i think). I came across it under the recommendation of a friend, their gear is marketed mostly towards rock climbers. Afterwards, i found a review here.

    Got it for $60, usually $130...some leftovers from last season. Not sure i would have gone for it @ $130, but at $60 i couldnt resist. From what I've heard, it excels in breathability and the EPIC fabric is pretty waterproof surviving strong rains for a short period of time anyway. also, it weighs in at about 6.5-7oz! i attached a picture they sent me. I'll let you guys know how it fairs!
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    I have a DriDucks dura-lite rain suit..
    I also use a old military poncho. I will leave the DriDucks behind but when I hit the trail of even car camp the poncho is always with me rain or shine..

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    the packa is awesome.cedartree has a a.t. gear i had.besides my hammock

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    Quote Originally Posted by pdizzle View Post
    wasn't sure exactly where this would fit or if it was within the forum topic, but i figured people here could offer up advice..

    what does everyone like to use for personal rain and wind protection? 3 or 4 season? breathable? membrane (2.5 or 3 layer?)? plastic bags? silnylon or cuben fiber or other fancy space age materials?

    I've got a marmot oracle for more durable usage and i'm less than impressed by it, although i don't think its marmots doing...I think its just wp/br membranes in general. It seems like i go on one outing with the thing and wet it out and the next time i go to use it, its lost all waterproofing. They're telling me I need to wash it after an excursion like this to revive the waterproofing, and i'm left thinking why did i spend all this money for extra work when i could just use a plastic bag or poncho in a pinch? or a waterproof/not breathable layer like silnylon? Or a light dwr/wind layer? I'm sort of the mentality that if its raining, your getting wet. It seems to be true even with my fancy rain jacket, once its pretty wet it just holds my sweat in anyway. So why not just accept it and shoot for wet and warm? Has anyone else had this experience?

    or maybe i just need to suck it up and do my laundry
    You will be wet if you are in a downpour for any length of time. The major function of rain gear is to regulate your temperature. That's a personal opinion, I know. You need to keep from getting hypothermia if you are in normal (cool) rain. You also need to vent enough heat to avoid overheating and swimming in gallons of your own sweat. I have Frogg Toggs, a Marmot PreCip jacket, ponchos, and a North Face WB jacket. I value the pit zips more than anything in a jacket. They are breathable in the humid East, even if the fabric is soaked. A poncho is almost ideal, if the wind is not too bad.

    My major deal with rain is to wear the right socks and sneakers. Thorlo light hikers and trail runner shoes will pump out more water than you can imagine. If you hike in the rain a lot you may already know this. Everyone's experience may be different. This is mine.

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    Disclaimer: note that this is coming from someone who does the majority of his hiking in Florida, so it may not apply very well to places where it rains at 40 F all the time.

    I use an old GI surplus poncho, mostly for durability. It's almost impossible to break, which is a big plus for me, with it being outergear. It vents as well as anything does, though it's very floppy in strong winds. Since it's long enough to go over my pack, it eliminates the need for a pack cover. It also makes a fine impromptu Grizz Beak or groundcloth at need.

    I've not had it in rain below 50 F, though...

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