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    Quick question

    I just got my HH on Monday. I wont have a chance to set it up until the weekend comes. I got the Cub hammock as well but I dont have kids so I am gifting the hammock to a friend for his son for xmas. My question is about the HH tarps. I am thinking of taking the tarp from the cub and keeping it in my pack for a wind break or just a small cover tarp for the sun if I need one. Can these tarps be used like that or are they designed for use only with the HH ridgeline?

    Stupid question im sure to most of you but being new to these things I just wanted verification. Thanks in advance

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    well, I figure if it has the right coverage for your needs, then by all means!

    a tarp is a tarp and nothing else, you can set it up any which way you want, as long as you enjoy it!

    have fun and be sure to report back and, don'T forget, pics or it didn't happen

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