Howdy gang! Well I took a little break today and messed with the hammock for about an hour. I was able to figure out things that will come in handy later. Like where is a good height to set the ring buckles at in order to get the hammock to lay right, etc. It's kind of like anything I guess, wash rinse repeat when it comes to setting up that will yeild the most consistant results.

Anyway, I thought I would try a SRL since there are so many folks that like them and it looks like they could give you more room to lay on the diagional, and thus more flat. I used a ratchet strap in order to be able to adjust the length easily. I started with the magic 83% of the whipping length. I didn't really care for the way that the hammock laid with the SRL at any length.

This has gotten me to thinking, when the SRL was in place it was almost like the hammock wasn't wide enough to accomodate laying diagional in it. (my hammock is a GTUL) no matter how I laid on the diagonal it seemed that my sholder was always hanging off the hammock, or very close and there wasn't really the "pocket" for my feet that I had expected.

After watching some of the videos out there about gathered end hammocks it seems that most of them look huge. For crying out loud I think the Green Bay Packers Defensive line could have a Christmas party in Shug's hammock. I decided to measure the dimensions of the GTUL hammock. It is 102" whipping to whipping and 52.5" wide. The DIY gear supply site shows in the paln for their double layer hammock 126" X 60". That's significantly larger than the GTUL. I would think that being longer would allow you to be further from the ends and thus allow a more diagional lay, and the extra 7+" in width wouldn't hurt either.

I'm not a little guy, but I'm not the biggest either (6'1" x ~200#), do you think I might need a bigger hammock, or did I just not do something right with the SRL?

Thanks once again!