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    I have a Hennessy and I didn't like how close it was to my hammock when I was lying in and it was set up according to the directions. I felt very claustrophobic. After poking around on here I think I came across a posting or it was in one of Shug's videos... Anyway, they said to hang the tarp line below the hammock's support system. I made an extra set of tree huggers and made a separate ridgeline from some paracord. I made tied some loops into the line and up goes the tarp. It's the perfect distance from the hammock when I'm in it and so far have avoided get wet despite hanging it in some pretty heavy rain. I will say I don't like the size of the tarp and do plan on changing to a larger one in the future. Good hanging!

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    Thanks everyone for all the responses! I had completely forgotten about reading that the ridgeline for the tarp needed to be under the hammock suspension. that would make a huge difference!

    As soon as finals week is over, I'll be back in the back yard trying to dial it in again to see if I can't get it right! I'll keep you posted on the progress.

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