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    UQ finished and tested

    I finished my UQ the other day, and tested it last night.

    I decided to make it approx. 41x66. I basically used Mad77 plans here I used 1.1 ripstop and the .9 no see um from DIY Gear.

    For the inner piece that goes next to the hammock I made a 45x78 rectangle then cut the long sides of the parrelogram to 70”, for the outer piece I started with 60x86 piece and cut it so the long sides were 76”. You can see the size difference in the first image. This allowed for all seam allowances and baffle height.

    I cut the baffles 3.5” planning on 3” after sewing them in, and aiming for 4” of loft. On the inner shell the baffles were 5.75” apart and on the outer 7”. I used the primaloft thermo I got from Downlite. I put 88 grams in each of the 8 chambers, my spread sheet called for 86.75. Even though chambers on the edge were a good bit smaller, I put the same amount in them.

    I did the suspension the same as in Mads instructions. I had made a test inner piece (the one against the hammock) from some broadcloth and it worked good and was tight along the bottom of the hammock. But with the weight of the UQ it hangs little low so I need to make a way to adjust it better.

    The total weight of the finished UQ is 36.4 ozs. The image of the stuff sack has the UQ and the TQ I made here in it, the two combined weigh 74.2 ozs.

    I set up last night with the temp got down to 29*. It was 34* when I went out at 11. I had a little CBS to start not really bad or uncomfortable, just cool. I hadn’t done a good check of the UQ when I set up, but after cutting loose side tie outs on the hammock it got better. I have to set up an adjustment to be able to make this fit tighter and fit the HH clone I’m making that will be a little longer.

    The test was done au naturel, and I was warm except for my face, had my stocking hat on. (going to have to get a balaclava) Had a little trouble getting to sleep, but my TQ is long enough to cover my head. I did end up putting on a pair of socks during the night.
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