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    Head end vs. Foot End of hammock?

    So I'm wondering if you guys bother to "mark" or designate a foot end and head end of your hammock? I have just because I have a sensitive nose and don't care to smell my own feet in the middle of the night if by some chance I was laying on last night's foot end with my head.

    So do you bother to keep them designated? If so, How are you keeping track of the foot/head end?

    I was using different colored beads on my whoopies but they have since broken off etc. I can also tell by the adjustable end of my structural ridgeline is over the foot end, but I've been experimenting w/o the ridgeline lately and its brought up some confusion. I've since tagged all of the hammocks with some home made zipper pulls out of small cordage tied in a cobra weave. I use orange for the foot ends, and OD green for head end. The pulls serve a dual purpose to keep the loop from pulling into itself as well.

    I figured Orange in nature = DANGER, and my feet after a few miles = DANGER... easy to remember right?

    So what are you doing if anything?
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