Giving my new-to-me underquilt(Thanks BigTurtle!) a bit of a test tonight, see how it works out! Spent a few early mornings in it already and its very warm, we'll see how it likes 10mph wind + light rain and mid/high thirties tonight...

Forcast is light rain, 36-40f and west winds 5-10mph. Its 46f out there right now, about 6-7mph breeze and wet.

Also testing out a new min/max thermometer, diy down pillow and improved self-tensioning tarp tie-outs I made.

I'll have my netbook out there with me, so I'll try and put an update up if I wake up middle of the night (I'm hoping I don't cause I'm too cozy, lol)

Only my 2nd night in the rain with the hammock, should be fun!