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    Quote Originally Posted by Dutch View Post
    Finish the story...Is the mini biner OK???????
    Haha. Yes, the mini biner is in great shape.

    Quote Originally Posted by dragon360 View Post
    A Dutch smackdown! Glad he wasn't hurt. Seems odd the the 1.75 would react that way with someone 190 pounds.
    I have heard of the 1.25mm snapping before. I'll go up to the 1.5mm next time.

    Quote Originally Posted by Badchef View Post
    Dutch, this could be a new marketing feature for you. Hammock security with Dutch Clips - when an unauthorized person tries to commandeer your hammock, the clip is released.
    I love it.

    Quote Originally Posted by spaceweaseal View Post
    So does your uncle now have a Dutch Stamp?
    A nice knot for sure.
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    Quote Originally Posted by FLRider View Post
    ...he's a mountain goat crossed with a marathoner.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dutch View Post
    Finish the story...Is the mini biner OK???????
    Good one .

    FireInMyBones, glad your uncle and the biner are OK as both are precious. Might go with a stronger ridge line next time.

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