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    Thread injector on Woot

    Any input as to the quality of this machine and whats a stylist serger?

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    Stylist serger is the Model name. It is a Singer machine. It does not list the weights which is important to me since I don't like having to chase my machine all over the table. They are NOT heavyweight industrial quality machines. I would expect the motors to get very hot with prolonged use. Plastic gear are a certainty. They make a point of the metal frame but biggus whoopus.

    IMO you can do better with a used machine from a sewing repair shop. For gear making the serger is a totally superfluous luxury. Don't get me wrong. sergers are great and I use my wife's alot. But it was more all by itself than these are as a pair.

    In short.... If you are looking the for best bang for the buck in a high quality top of the line machine strictly for gear making stay with the used machines at the repair shop. If you want to dabble in homemaker sewing as well as gear making... it is a good starting place. But it only has a 5 year warranty on the important parts rather than the 10-15+ on many top of the line models.
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