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    SOLD: Cook Kits and Stoves

    Update: Heiny Kit and Feather fire are sold. Payment received. The Brasslite and Titan are sold pending payment. Thanks for looking.

    Here are a few lightweight stoves/cook kits up for sale. All prices include shipping to your door in the continental US. PayPal only.

    SOLD - Heiny Pot Cook Kit: 3 pieces - 1. Heineken Pot with lid, fiberglass wrap and silicone lip ring. 2. Zelph Venom Alcohol Stove. 3. 4 oz Nalgene flip top bottle. This kit weighs exactly 4 oz (no fuel) and has not been used other than a burn test. Everything nests in the pot. $20

    Brasslite Turbo D II Stove with 2oz flip top bottle: Only used for burn test. The brass has started to tarnish. Weight for stove only is 2.6 oz. $15

    MSR Titan Kettle with custom DIY Coozy: This titanium pot holds .85L or 28oz. Great for 1 or 2 persons and with the custom fit coozy, rehydrating meals. Weight for pot 4.4oz, coozy 1.25oz. $40

    SOLD - Featherfire Stove by Packafeather with 2oz flip top bottle: Includes stove, lid, heat reflector, measuring cup and 2oz flip top fuel bottle from AHE. This was my go-to stove all summer. Weight 1.95 oz. $25
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