So parents had an old down comforter they weren't using
It was large enough to make into 2 UQs.
I sewed two seams down the middle, so I could cut it in half without being tickled to death with feathers.
Then I sewed ripstop on the bottom of one side (not exactly sure why, probably because I had it). Sewed gross grain along both long sides for the shock cord. Remember, I am making two, so I had to sew 4 channels total. After the first one I got a little smarter and used some mason line inside the channel so I can pull the cord through when I find some. The first channel, well, I didn't think about that, so I had to use my fish tape to get the mason line through it.

Both came out pretty nice...I'll get some photos up when the sun is out.

But I say partial success because...there is no way both together will get me down to 0*. There just isn't enough loft in it. But they will make perfect spring/fall UQs.

Now, if I only still had that LL Bean comforter I loaned to my sister about 15 years ago!