Getting ready to make that fateful first Hammock purchase. Looking for something simple and on the cheaper side since this is my first Hammock. I will also be purchasing a Hammock for my Son as well so we can hang together on some camp outs on Dec 16th and 30th.

I am considering the GT Ultralight since I can't beat the price of $14.85 at Amazon. Is there any compelling reason to upgrade to the ENO Single or Double for $50 more? I am about 6 foot and 210 lbs. Son is just turning 12 and is just over 5 feet and maybe 90 pounds. Will I have space concerns in the GT Ultralight?

Was going to DIY my hammock but finding a local source for material at a decent price has been a challenge. That and my Wife's thread injector needs to be serviced before use.

For now we will be going with the Walmart blue foam pad and blue tarp. Those upgrades will come with time .

Thanks for the input.