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    Quote Originally Posted by Psyop View Post
    Cool the thermarest is 3/4 I do have a Mountain Hardwear full length pad that is foam. Guess I will have to find a few days to try it out before it gets super cold, maybe the backyard so I can chicken out if needed. I like the cheap part because since I have it all ready thats like free. Thanks for all the advice.
    Back yard is definitely the place to practice. Nothing worse than getting out in the piney woods unprepared. With two pads, the sleeping bag and a poncho liner (assuming you are not a terribly cold sleeper), I think you could go pretty low, maybe the teens. You might have some condensation issues, but with a synthetic bag, mine have been manageable.

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    Thermarest pad, poncho liner, and Mil Issue sleeping bag should take care of you pretty well at least down into the 20s. Maybe colder, depending on what you wear to sleep in, and how warm/cold you normally sleep.

    Just remember that even in a synthetic bag, most of the insulation underneat you will compress, and that's where the pad comes in. Odds are, if you sleep in your bag, on top of your pad, and use your PL to fill in the areas where the hammock may tend to wrap up around your body (shoulders and hips), you'll sleep pretty darned warm I'd think.

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