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A heads up:
Due to the unique and revolutionary insulation and manufacturing techniques required, Shiver Shield can NOT be sewn, punctured, or in any way ruptured. Caution should be taken to avoid getting holes in your Shiver Shield clothing. This could significantly reduce its insulative capability

In the FAQ section... No love for the thread injectors among us.
While the clothing should not be altered. Encasing other aerogel products in liners is still quite possible. After all, that is how the Shiver Shield garments are made. Buying a Shiver Shield garment just to get the aerogel would be like buying a complete new car just that you could alter the rear seat. It's a lot less costly to just buy aerogel or the car seat respectively. If on the other hand you want a complete Shiver Shield garment, there is no reason that you could not add to it while avoiding damaging aerogel just as you can hang fuzzy dice from a new car's mirror.