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    I love the chair stands you guys have. I have a hammock/chair on my deck that I just love, I can sit in it, or recline in it...or stretch out its 7.5 feet and lay in it. It is so comfortable. I have often thought about how it would look in the living room (my recliner is on it's last leg and should be tossed out). I don't like the standard C stands because I'd be concerned about my chair going in circles while I'm trying to watch t.v. But these stands are perfect. All I have to do is remove the spreader bar from my hammock chair. (still not sure about the appeal of one in the living room though). It is a possibility I may do.

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    The chair/sitting hammocks are great because of their versatility! Our hammocks are made of a finer, softer thread that's also 100% weatherproof and we've improved upon the textile engineering of traditional hammock weaves so that it really disperses your body weight evenly. Having the spreadbars is great if you want to swivel, but like you said, it never stops moving in circles which sort of defeats the whole purpose of laying in a hammock! And the C stands that you mentioned are rather bulky and aren't very fitting for indoors, aesthetically and functionally speaking... Obviously our Hammock Recliner (aka the hammock stand) is a bit more expensive than the factory/China-made stands, but we really wanted to develop something that was made naturally, using sustainabily-sourced wood, reclaimed metals, and fit the aesthetic of a nice home. We like to think of this new Hammock Recliner more as furniture that fits equally well indoors and indoors, which I can't say has been done before. I personally hope this will shift the way people perceive hammocking and ultimately allow more people to hammock! Regarding hammocking and watching tv, I think you'll appreciate some of the pics on our Facebook page here:
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