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    ENO or Grand Trunk materials

    So I have been trying to do as much research as I can on different materials that can be used to decrease weight for those long hikes while maintaining the durability necessary in a hammock. I have made several mocks using 1.9 nylonn ripstop but this past fall went hanging with a buddy in the Bob Marshall Wilderness in north western Montana. He was using an ENO singlenest, now it gets kinda chilly at night so even in the summer we are usually sleeping in a bag but I had forgotten how soft the fabric that ENO and Grand Trunk use are. I am wondering if anyone has used a material similar tho either of those companies. All the local stores that I have gone to just don't seem to have something even close to it. So any of you experienced diy'ers that have been able to find that sort of fabric, some info on it would be much appreciated. Thanks from the Bitterroot Valley

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    theres some 70D krinkle stuff like the eno.
    i just got a redux 'dangerbird' hammock from papasmurf using it.

    it weights 5 oz more than the original he built with 1.1 oz ripstop nylon.
    its been equated that the krinkle stuff available from the link above should
    measure out to be ~1.9oz

    i can't speak enough about how much i like it. soft, but burly. i'll be doing a kit review on the hammock, probably over the weekend.


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    Thanks Rip! Taffeta, of course! looking forward to your review too!

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