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    SOLD: JRB 11x10 tarp with Speer no-tangle lines

    This is Neo's tarp. I bought it to compare to my Speer Winter Tarp.

    I think I just prefer the Speer Winter Tarp's setup (though the JRB wins in other areas). You can find my comparison thread here.

    The tarp has 8 Speer No-tangle lines with it.
    And Neo already sealed the ridgeline seam.
    All I've done is re-tie the lines using a double fisherman's loop.

    JRB stuff-sack on left

    Regular pitch

    Tent pitch

    Baker lean-to

    I paid Neo $110 shipped.
    I'm asking $95 plus shipping from 30646.

    Let me know if you're interested.
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