Hello All
First post, but I have been lurking and searching for a bit. I am looking for a hammock for bicycle touring, and stealth camping--as I will be in remote areas, camping on crown land (no private property violation).

I am 58, have done a lot of camping, mostly back woods, canoe camping, as well as hiking, and motorcycle camping, though always in tents. I am a runt, about 5'8.5", but am in pretty good shape, even for a geezer as I am also a jogger and bicyclist, so I weigh in about 180lbs.

I tend to sleep very cold, and am cold most of the time, so I tent with a Thinsulate ground pad, and a good quality down bag even in early summer.

Okay, so I am torn, between the Hennessy, either the Expedition ($149.00) or the Ultra-light backpacker ($199.00), and the Claytor Jungle Hammock.

Now what appeals to me most about the Claytor is that the tarp size is big, it is in cammo --good for camping in the bush--, but most important is that it has a double bottom layer, which would allow me to put a pad in, which given everything I've read about hammocks, makes me think it will be necessary. But what concerns me is that some say it is more restricted, and also, here is the big question, that it has mosquito netting, rather than no see um netting. I also like the shape of the netting with the stick, and though I am still in the dark as to the alchemy of set up systems, as a former Scout leader, I figure I can work out different knots, and set-ups. Yet, my worry about the Claytor is weight and packed size. I have checked the web to try to locate a photo of the packed Claytor Jungle Hammock, but can't find one. Also its weight looks to be a bit over 3lbs.

So, what appeals to me about the Hennessy, is that it is advertised as having no-see-um netting. The bottom entry seems pretty efficient, the a-sym design makes sense to me, and there is a Canadian distributor, which given I live in Canada is a big plus. What is also a big temptation, is the year end sale, as they provide free snake skins, and in Canada at least, because they are out of CUBS, they will substitute the Scout, a $99.00 value... I saw a packed Hennessy Expedition and Ultra-light backpacker in MEC today, and they both looked pretty small. Finally, what seems superior about the Hennessy is that the suspension system is easy to put up, and easy to mod. Yet what puts me off the Hennessy, is I wonder how awkward a pad would be with the bottom entry?

The final question is about the fabric making up the hammock? It is hard to tell from the Claytor site whether the 244 Ripstock Nylon refers to the bag or to the tent. I am assuming it is to the bag. Is there a preference for one over the other?

Okay so lots of questions. I am posting here, in the Claytor section, as I am leaning toward the Claytor.

To conclude this is a great site, and I look forward to getting into the sport in the months to come.