A customer in Japan asked PapaSmurf to make a XL hammock, and asked me to make a nylon sock to fit it. Before shipping it across the Pacific Ocean, the customer asked me to made a video and let him know what I think of the hammock.

First of all, the workmanship of PapaSmurf is outstanding! The hammock is an excellent piece of gear. It's also huge...

I like the way the bugnet zips off and stows in a bag that is built into the end of the hammock. There is another bag built into the other end, and the Molly Mac Gear Nylon Hammock Sock fits inside that one.

Using this hammock as a chair is wonderful! There is no need for a separate foot rope, as you will see in the video.

The MMG nylon sock that I made for this hammock is a scaled up version of the standard Sock with SEEP. I made the bottom with a larger volume than usual, partly to make it wider, and partly to guarantee that any UQ will fit without being compressed.

I like the PapaSmurf XL Hammock a lot. It was a challenge to expand my patterns and make the sock fit. It turned out well! Check it all out in this video!