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    i just hooked this up over the weekend actually. my quilt was supposed to have grosgrain loops on all the corners, but they forgot. so, i shook the down out of the corners of the burrow, and attached some jrb grip clips. i may just hand stitch some grosgrain on myself. just run some adjustable length shockcord off each corner, and get busy tweaking.

    the burrow functions very much like a jacks r better hudson river, this assuming you have the snap footbox obv. its a little hard to get it to fit right as the non-dramatic differential cut makes it easy to smash insulation as you dial it in. cool thing is though, the drawcord in the top and bottom channels does a pretty nice job of sealing gaps.

    i have not taken this on a true overnight, but i was warm in the 30's for a few hours - i was using a 20* burrow.

    although i probably won't use this a lot... it is cool to be able convert for a friend, so they don't have to use a pad.


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    I agree with Rip, it wasn't intended for a winter UQ but a "spare" in 3S environment if needed. Haven't done an overnight with it but I would agree with high 30s. Certainly packs smaller (Major advantage) than the usual UQ.

    My burrow is rectangular (When cord locks released), extra long and wide. I use the JRB UQ shock cord attachment to grosgained corners w/ microbiners.

    Still have to tweek each time as the shockcord does tend to stretch over time.
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