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    First time sewer and a Thanks!

    First of all, thanks to everyone here for making this the great site it is! If it's wasn't for everyone's positive encouragement and DIY stories I might not have taken the plunge into sewing. Well, I just completed my first, albeit simple, sewing project. I converted my old sleeping bag into a quilt. Removed the zippers and about 5"-6" from one side to decrease the width. I also elongated the footbox about 2"-3". I have no idea what its final weight is but due to the age of the bag I'm surmising about 2lbs. I know, the ultralight Gods are screaming, but for a broke bloke like me it'll do for a summer quilt. Next project is a compression sack for it. Thanks again guys!

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    Congrats on taking the DIY plunge. Don't forget to post some pictures!

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