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    Argon X90 Experimental hammock
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    Pads and quilts
    Kevlar + dynaglide
    Quote Originally Posted by Rain Man View Post
    Rock, do you first get Lowe's gift cards from Kroger? You get 4x fuel points on gift card purchases. Maybe you know that, but my wife and I occasionally get $1.00 per gallon off by getting gift cards for ourselves at Kroger.

    And, virkkte, I might have to say "**** you!" That's some mighty fine DIY work there. You are setting the standard very, very high for the rest of us!!! Good work and good pics. Thanks for sharing.

    Now ... do an under-quilt!

    Rain Man

    I didn't know all that. We do get our groceries from Kroger most of the time and give the fuel points to my mother.
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    welcome virkkte to the forum. glad to see there's at least one other person who, likes color in their life! i'm working on my own bishop bag and found youre pic to be very helpful..thank you

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    DIY double layer asym
    Whoopies, shackles

    my diy asym hammock

    So I had some stiching to do, but I started my asym hammock yesterday evening and just finished it. It is made from the same material as the mighty banana, but double layer and just the hammock itself weighed about 340gram. I used headchange4u's diy hennessy tutorial, thank you for this it was a great tutorial and it was fun to make this hammock, for this and added the pocket (just stitched it in before hemming).

    Tomorrow I'll try hang in this and take some pictures outside. It just gets too fast too dark in here (sunrise is 9.30am and sunset 3pm). I used 2,5mm dyneema cord for the end thingies (the ones for ridgeline ) same as I used with the whoopies and whipped the whole thing to together with 2mm polyester cord. I tied the ends just in case because I have found that the polyester cord is quite slippery. First I tried not to tie the ends, but when I snipped the ends like 2cm long and then again tightened the whipping it just opened and I had to start again (and I use pliers to tighten these).

    Quote Originally Posted by Rain Man
    And, virkkte, I might have to say "**** you!" That's some mighty fine DIY work there. You are setting the standard very, very high for the rest of us!!! Good work and good pics. Thanks for sharing.

    Now ... do an under-quilt!
    Thank you Well I like to fiddle with the fabrics and it took me a lot of time just to put the hammock,bag,straps and whoopies together. I'll try to do my best. Sometimes I find myself hemming and thinking "I should probably pin these" but so far I have managed not to use so much pins. With the double layer is used a lot of pins. First sewed the two layers from the long sides to keep them togeter and then hemmed.

    I'd like to do an under-quilt, it just seems quite hard for me at the moment and for my wallet. I'll try to make some other projects first and then tackle the quilts and in the mean read as much as I can about them.

    Quote Originally Posted by stevebo
    I guess you could say its a "harmless addiction"----------or is it?
    "harmless" indeed, I don't even want to know how much gear I will be making next year. I am actually planning to make most of my gear and in the spring or the summer go hiking. And I would like to go (s)ul with the gear.

    the_gr8t_waldo: yeah yellow is a nice color, I got some fabric samples from extremtextil and the red ripstop looks just lovely. I think I'll make tarp out of it

    edit. about extremtextil, I emailed them this morning about the missing spool of thread. They just replied and will be sending the missing spool tomorrow, that is really cool for them to do that. I think I'll keep buying my materials from them if I don't find a cheaper place. I only know, but they only have 65g/m^2 ripstop (color options black and white) and it costs 8 euros per meter compared to the 5,4 euros per meter (only option is yellow in this, but I like it) and 4,9 euros per meter for 50/65g silnylon 2nds.

    edit2. added more pics of the hammock, I need to get someone to lay in the hammock while I take pictures
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