First of.....Thankee Fronkey for calling out the trip invite)))))))

Went to the Fronk-a-Hang and took my friend Timmy from Belfast, N. Ireland out on a night in the hammock in Minnesota c-c-c-cold. Got to minus 1 Friday night. We both slept warm in the woods.
Timmy's first time ever in a hammock. This was a HammockForum members call to hang so we jumped in.
Mighty fun one-nighter and Timmy get's to be a Below 0 Hero))))))
Whoooooo Buddy Ya'll.

***Timmy and Shug lolly-gaggin'
***Breakfast form the Hammock......Timmy too.
***The New Guy......"Bjerknes" or Bee-eerk-nuus!
Strung Out's Cuben Hammock with built in dual differential cut asym Karo-Step winter Under Quilt

All secure in sector seven,

Timmy too.

Timmy....the Natural

Timmy the Natural by Sean Shug Emery, on Flickr