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    Winter Warmup in the Cranberry Wilderness

    In this busy time between holidays, only ldcakes was able to make it to West Virginia's Cranberry Wilderness for an overnighter with me to test our winter gear, but we had the good wishes of many other hangers who would have liked to go along to send us down the trail with good feelings. Their blessings were no doubt responsible for the beautiful sunny weather and lack of wind that helped make this trip great. As little as a week before the forecast had been for rain and ice the whole time. The rain came early, and was followed by a couple of inches of fresh snow, so it was easy to spot the bear tracks crossing the trail 100 ft. from our camp site. We went a mile in on the North-South Trail from the Highland Scenic Highway, which fortunately was still passable (it's not plowed in winter). The rocky trail could have used a foot of snow to make it more pulk-friendly, but surprisingly my pulk with aluminum flashing over cut-down cross-country skis only came out scarred and grooved, but not torn to pieces - which was what I more or less expected. Here's a short video (well, not really - call it "outtakes and bloopers"). While you're stifling derisive laughter, remember to notice how beautiful the woods are.

    Low temp was only 15. I slept warm. See a video of my setup here.

    ldcakes is a good hiker, who knows what's what. I was fortunate to have her as a companion on this trip. Now I want to learn more about kayaking.
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