So I was resizing a hat the other day and my trusty Brother XL-5130 had other ideas and did a partial disintegration right before my eyes. The needle attachment would not re-attach. So I went on ebay and bid on and won a 1950ish Singer 328K in great working condition. I received it the other day and the case and machine were broken in shipment. I did get my money back and am waiting to see if I need to ship it back or give it to FedEx.
So I went back to my Brother and was able to re-attach the needle with an allen wrench and figured "At least I can finish my project". No Dice. The machine apparently is done sewing. So now I have 2 broken machines and no way to finish my projects. Now I have to either take 1 (or both depending) to the repair guy or shell out big bucks for a new one. I'm so very sad. Thanks for reading my vent.