This does not affect any Molly Mac Gear made by Tree to Tree Trail Gear.

I used the last of my roll of Insultex yesterday. From now on, I will make insulated hammock socks using 1/32" Perforated PolyEthylene Foam (PPEF).

Insultex is made using the same 1/32" PE Foam, sandwiched between polypropylene scrim and quilted. Since PPEF has no quilted polypropylene scrim on each side, I will use an inner nylon lining. The inner nylon lining weighs a little more than two layers of polyproylene scrim, but PPEF is a lot lighter than Insultex. It's a trade off with a slight weight gain.

The PEF is Perforated so that when you stuff it, the air will have somewhere to get out.

Having used a PPEF Baby Orca for a year, I find IX and PPEF to be indistinguishable in performance. It's the PE Foam that does all the insulating. The specs for Insultex are the specs for 1/32" PE Foam.

If you have any questions about PPEF, please feel free to ask!

- MacEntyre

P.S. I have made more uninsulated canvas and nylon hammock socks than insulated nylon socks lately!