I could really use some tarp pitching advice...... (PLEASE !! )

This past weekend, I got to hang out with my new JRB 8x8 tarp w/ the self tensioning lines.

Weather- it POURED and was very windy!

I have a HH ULBAsym I used under the tarp.

I was wondering, about how much space should there be between the hammock ridgeline and the tarp ridgeline?

With this weather, should I be pitching as low and narrow as possible?
Or, should I raise up the height slightly and go narrower?

I found with the wind added, and the condensation that was coating the underside of the tarp, when the wind blew strongly, it was shaking off the moisture onto me in excess.

It seemed like it was hard to keep the tarp taught in the wind with the self-tensioners, although with the wind being rather strong, I don't know if that would have really mattered....

Should I have guyed out the other available loops too?

How do you recommend I pitch in these conditions???

After many years of "getting my system down" with ground dwelling, now I am back in kindergarten learning from scratch here !