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    Grommet in Webbing - Still structurally sound?

    I'm playing with the idea of making my own bridge hammock. Professor Hammock on Youtube, makes it look like something I could attempt this winter break. What I am wondering is this, could you put a grommet into poly webbing for spreader bar ends, and still have the webbing be structurally sound? This would seem to aid in the simplicity of the construction, set up, etc. However, if this were to compromise the integrity of the webbing that would be bad. Then if that it the case, are there other, simple, options for making attachment points for spreader bars, that don't involve a mastery of all things knots? Perhaps a small descender ring? (do they make small descender rings?) Thanks!

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    I don't know about the grommet. It seems like that would be a lot of force on it and might just push it out of the webbing. But I'm no expert on grommets.

    I know that some of the earlier designs used rings to hold the spreader bars, so, yes, something like descender rings would work.

    I sew pockets of wider webbing to the arch webbing to hold the spreader bars. I find that to be very easy and to need no knots or special equipment.

    If you search the forums a bit you will find that a number of ways have been used to attach spreader bars.

    Good luck with your design.

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    Maybe a hand sewn grommet, but I doubt I'd trust a regular set in grommet. If you could find a small brass or stainless ring to sew on it'd be stronger than a regular grommet. Or you could easily splice a small grommet with zing-it and then just sew it on, they become remarkably stiff when done correctly. You might also double over the webbing where the grommet is too if thats possible.
    First pic is a hand sewn ring with a metal ring inside. Second pic is two spliced grommets, side by each (as they say in da U.P. eh?)(not zing-it, but zing-it would be easier) and they're nice to look at.

    Good luck,

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    There are grommets, and

    there are grommets. Some are smooth and some are toothed.

    Then you have the various weaves of webbing to contend with. Tight, loose, single layer, double layer.

    As I understand the physics of a bridge's spreader bar, there is quite a bit of tension on the bar's socket. From what I have seen, grommets are not popular with bridge builders, probably due to strength.

    When all is said and done, you have to create a hole in the webbing, which has to degrade the strength appreciably.

    My $0.02.

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