I recently purchased some woodland camo waterproof material and some olive green downproof material from Rachel referred to in this thread: http://www.hammockforums.net/forum/s...abric+supplier

I contacted her first through email to make sure that the shipping discounts were still available. I mentioned in my email that I wanted to order 10 yards of material and would she still waive the shipping costs on orders of 10 yards or more. She agreed and just mentioned that I needed to email her my order to get the free shipping. I sent an email with the links to the fabrics I wanted and the quantity of each. After receiving a Paypal invoice from Rachel I sent her the funds and the material made it from Beth Page, NY to Montgomery, AL in just a few days. Not bad right before Christmas.

I've only inspected the material in the box, but everything looks good. Hopefully around the holidays I'm going to put the downproof material to good use making a top quilt. I have a couple of tarps so the waterproof woodland camo will have to wait to be used.

Once I've used the fabric I'll post another thread here. I just wanted to let everyone here know that this supplier is still available and offering discounts on shipping.