I have a HH Explorer Ultralite today and I can't say I've spent a great deal of time analyzing the way it's made, but it always seemed the whole "asym" thing was a matter of construction, or in other words, I always thought it was made "asymetrically". But looking at the sticky for a HH clone and another thread on a WBBB, plus some other resources I've found on making a double layer, it seems like they're all just rectangles with the suspension tethered at the center of the ends.

Am I missing something? If I want to create a simple double layer hammock where I can lay mostly flat on a diagonal to the centerline...am I really just sewing up some rectangles and gathering them symetrically on the ends? I understand the tieouts on the sides are sewn on asymetrically to pull the hammock away from your face and feet, but is that it?