i've been trying to figure out how to join two peices of cuben to create a cat shape on a tarp ridge line. pretty much unuccessfull so far, i might add. anyway, last night it occured to me that i might be trying to use the mat'l in the wrong way. and since i don't have any cuben on hand to help assess this, i have to ask here. the cuben has dynel strands running at 90degrees to each other as renforcing. this should resist stretching very well...but what about streching in a 45 degree direction? ( on the bias?)- is there much give in that direction? if so, it might be a simple reorentation of the cuben to allow the stretch to work for me, to create a cat shape on the ridge. i figure it would require about another yard or two of matl to do. that is unless if it's available with strands already at 45 degrees to the factory edges.( fat chance of that!)- might be very intersting to experiment with.