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    Great deal on down bag at REI for TQ/UQ

    Hey folks, REI has a rectangular sleeping bag on sale for 30% off the already reduced price of $79. I bought one at the local store and realized that it would make a great (albeit slightly heavy) TQ. It unzips around the foot end to make a decent UQ with mods for you DIYers. The bag comes in at 3lbs6oz. and is 650 fill down. Great price that is available online ( FREE Shipping!) and the 30% off coupon-REISAVE can be used online or in-store until after Christmas!! Check it out and see if you think this is a great deal. I bought 2- one for me and one for the wife. Total with tax for me was just under $60!!

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    I went and ordered one, and it wouldn't let me buy two, now I can't find it on their site at all so it may be sold out, or they have cookie tracking and know better than let me try for a second one. It came to about $59 with MN tax and free shipping. Pretty good deal, thanks for posting!

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