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    Quote Originally Posted by smokeeater908 View Post
    Wow my OCD would definitely kicked in with that pot LOL! Good thing you can just pull out the ring and put it in another pot
    Ya It was hard to handle, but sometimes you have to do what you have to do.

    I made another one though...maybe this one will meet your fancy more. I even used my bearing press tools to perfectly flatten the bottom to be able to gain as much volume as possible for the size I wanted it to be. I made this one to be a companion cup for my BPL 550 so I can drink my coffee/tea and have breakfast/dinner at the same time. Instead of having to wait for my cup to be empty of the drink in order to boil water for my meal. I only need this for the winter time set up, but I may like it so much, it might carry into summer. Holds 12oz comfortably 14 to the brim. Weight 1oz.

    Quote Originally Posted by Pipsissewa View Post

    ...I LVE Colville and the surrounding area!!! I had a friend offer his land outside of Colville for camping when we were backpacking across country from CA to NC...
    Ya the Colville's are nice. Plus there my back yard more or less. That is what I love about where I live, we have a huge and varied terrain depending on which direction you drive.

    Quote Originally Posted by ofceb View Post
    I'll have to try it one day. It does drop to the 20 & 30 here in Florida. We just don't get the snow nor do we have the great elevation changes you have. one day, maybe one day.
    I am always down for someone to go hiking with. And I love to "show off" the area in which I live. Any body is more then welcome to come hiking with me.
    I miss my 4.8Lb base weight as a ground dweller...But I sure DON'T MISS the ground.

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    Hey Mugs I hate for you to have to put burnt fiberglass wick on a new pot, if you will PM me your address I will send you out some new wick, that way everything will look shiny and new

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