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    Quote Originally Posted by BillyBob58 View Post
    That is a really interesting observation, Rev! Any socks at all and your feet freeze! Is that a lifetime occurrence or something that has shown up with age? It seems counter intuitive but you never know what is going to work, especially with different individuals. Like the way A HHSS stinks on ice for some folks but works great for plenty of others, like you if mem serves. And me too! Also, reminds me of the "sleep naked to be warm" argument that some folks make.

    What do you mean by "sewn in footbox"? Is this something added to your Super Shelter and HH?

    I sure am in agreement with the "damp feet are cold feet" statement. I remember reading something on BPL a while back where a couple of Gurus over there experienced collapse of the foot box of their down bags. The biggest moisture problem with their down bags was in the foot area.
    Yes that is a lifetime experience. And they are MY feet. BTW when in a tent I always slept naked and stayed warmer. So that claim resonates with me. My feet sweat. I never have dry socks. I've tried changing my socks to sleep. No dice.

    I use a sleeping bag for my quilt so the bottom of the bag (footbox) is sewn up. Maybe if I used an open quilt so it was more drafty I would get different results.

    The point I was making is no one solution is universal, contrary to some suggestions to the contrary. I make no claims that others should do as I do and they will be happy. Just the way it works for me. If other options fail.. try it out. Maybe it will work, maybe not.
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    Oh OK, you were referring to the foot box of your sleeping bag, gotcha! I don't get cold feet very often these days, but next time I do i might try taking my socks off just to see!

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    +300 on what gargoyle said. That there is all the intel you need.

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    Big plus 1 to what Rev said (I also use an old mummy bag with foot box sown up about 12 inches.) I have sweaty feet too and I end up with cold feet if I leave the socks on.

    Probably doesn't apply to many but for me changing socks before getting in the bag doesn't work, extra warm socks don't work, and my feet sweat just looking at down booties my feet need to breath.

    In fact I often have to unzip from the bottom of the zipper up a bit to let my feet have a bit of air until I cool off from the day's hike or until the temp drops far enough to close it down. In fact I open the zipper almost all the time so my feet are cool and dry before I shut them in for the night. I find I can warm up my body good and then pull my feet in as they cool off. Most of us do this almost unconsciously with our upper body by open the bag or pulling it down a bit if we are to warm but we forget about them dogs that live at the bottom of our legs and let them sweat it up.

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