My first (and only) hammock I made myself. Thinking back to that experience, I saved about $40 vs purchasing a night owl because of the setup costs of the thread injector and measuring/sewing accessories.

It's a nice hammock, I've slept in it on every trip this year. However, I've never slept in another hammock, so my comparisons are vs a tent (sooo much better). My second DIY was an underquilt, and that went sideways on me. I still have to take it apart and try again.

So I'm second guessing myself, and I wanted to hear from the more experienced. To the DIY crowd, are there items you would not try to make yourself? Is DIY cost effective to the weekender? I'm always going to make my own amsteel byproducts, but wonder where the line is for other people between waiting and buying vs. materials and DIY.