I originally thought about just emailing Pan, but thought someone else may benefit from the answer as Pan is always ever so enlightning. Here goes:

Set up my HH the other day for the first time with the JRB Nest and Bottom Weathershield. I think I got the Nest on correctly with the help of a friend, but I will find out for sure when we do the winter campout with all of your help and advice.

I used the same JRB suspension lines to attach both the nest and the bottom weathershield (have pictures but am at work right now). I found it impossible to merely "push the weathershield to the side" to enter the hammock this way. This may be a stupid question, but are the Nest and the bottom weathershield suppose to use seperate suspension lines or was I just doing something wrong? (Be gentle, it was my first time).

After fitting the Nest, I had to take it off of the HH and put it away as I dont yet have a Stuff bag / or Skin large enough to fold them both into (or at least I dont think so). I didnt try it, but does the Nest and HH fit inside of Hennesseys skins if your not putting the tarp inside the skins?

After the winter campout, I may have to get Black Bishop to show me how to make something to keep my HH and Nest inside (either a set of Pythons or one of his bags that I have yet to see).

Thanks for the help.