While I am sure that this will be moved to the donating members section soon (as it's not really hammock related) but thats ok, I hope that most who aren't a donating member get to read this prior to that happening!

There has been a great deal of thank you's going out to the Mod's, and while I fully agree with the wonderful job the mod's do and that this place wouldn't be as great as it is without them, I wanted to say thank you to the members here!

There are sooooooooo many threads with just soooooo much kindness, and generosity, and willingness to help one another that I feel very proud to say that I am a Hammock Forums member

I have met many HF members and have made some great friends from this place and while nothing is perfect, and we'll have a bad apple or two, I still find it so enjoyable to read members trip reports and see the posts of their DIY project's, watch the video's, see the picture's, and just hear the stories that are told! I love going to HF Hang's and the excitement of meeting someone new, and getting to see those I've met before!

In short, thank you to all whom I have met, who have guided me, helped me, talked to me, and hung out with me as I have enjoyed every second!

Happy Holiday's HF!