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    Anyone have experience with prolite's evopads?

    I was thinking about trying one of these out. They seem to be better than your average pad. I feel like they'd work out well for extra hammock warmth or when I hit the ground.

    What thickness do you guys normally get on your pads??

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    I have little experience with pads; I've only ever used one from Oware. I've also never used anything else for other words, all my experience is with one model of the Oware pads. Still, I've never felt the need to try anything else. In combination with the rest of my sleep system, the 7oz, " thick, 40 X 60" pad keeps me comfortable to the mid-20's. That's a whole lot of insulation for the weight and upgrades to the sleep system to accomodate far lower temps would come at fairly low additional weight (e.g., adding/getting dual use from my sit pad, a 4oz piece of blue foam, might take me into the teens).

    The Prolite pads seem similar to what is now offered by Oware but I would strongly recommend the wider dimension pads available from Oware. It's easier to 'stay on', the larger dimensions reduce slipping in a hammock, and the extra width tends to cup around the shoulders providing extra insulation and wind block there. On the down side, it is bulky to pack.

    Take a look at . The pads are marginally different from my older one but still look really good. Their prices are competitive and shipping within the USA is free.


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