*EDIT* Mods if this should have gone in a different location please move it I thought it a good idea since there are TON of threads asking about the indoor stuff lately.

I have been over joyed about everyone;s comments about hanging indoors. I have been through pretty much all of the indoor set up threads. But I want to see what you've go going on. I found some in the gallery. My personal was one of the ones with the two boys who ended up with the canvas hammocks instead of beds. Classic.

So in an effort to develop a thread that shows everyone's indoor setup in one place to save people from search overload post em up with spec's. Please just photos take other comments to other places if you would.

Here is mine

I anchored to the wall on either side into the studs the bolts moved a little on the first sit down but they have been solid for about a year now.

The hammock I use now is not the BB but a DIY 11' 1.7oz gathered with whoopie slings.

I have a baby orca for underneath and I use two polar fleece blankets, which I used in my bed because they are heavy then since it is extra cold this time a year a cheapo sleeping bag on top of that.

Yes I could use my nice DIY TQ but I like the way i have it.