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    I started out with WallyWorld tarps. Used them for about a year till I figured out what size tarp worked for me. I got tired of the blue, so I went with a green one after a couple of hangs.

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    Thank you all for the remarks! Yesterday hiding in my mail box was a little surprise.

    Now I don't have to worry about my Lowe's ring buckles giving out at 3:00am.

    Now another question, before I start trimming my reflectex pad. I'm thinking about using my mummy bag as a template for the pad. I'm thinking about cutting it 10" wider than the bag all the way to the point where my hips meet the pad. Then from there trim the pad about 6" wider than the bag just to see how it works. Of course this will require more testing! I know it is much easier to cutt more off later than add more in, so if I go bigger now I have nothing to worry about later.

    Thanks all!
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