Both ends on this one have channels, like the Eno hammocks. In addition, the top end has Redolery's mini-spreader bar. My reasoning for the bar was to help prevent shoulder squeeze.

This one was so comfortable, that I made another with Warbonnet style ends but I haven't had time to set it up and compare yet.

The material is 1.1 oz ripstop silnylon with a finished weight of 1.35oz/sy. The mini-spreader bar is 5/8" oak dowel, 6" long. The chair weighs 3.2 oz plus 0.5 oz for the mini-spreader bar. I used my regular hammock suspension with is 2.5 oz. The total weight is 5.7 - 6.2 oz without/with the bar.

@Rider - I had to go outside as all these trip planning threads are giving me cabin fever (or is that, air-conditioning fever?)!